Edwige Magazine: a digital magazine and web media that celebrates the style of life that professional women, aging from 20 to 55 years old, adopt in all the major cities where they live throughout different parts of the world which leads to explore the different facets of each style of life and its glamour. This excites the blending of fashion and all the different cultures around it that enrich our lives.

The idea is to join the different cultures by beauty of diversity! This project is born through the open mindedness of the founder (Edwige Dazobgo), her associates and colleagues which have a common will which is to share their message of unity as well as Edwige’s passion in her traveling experience through French-speaking communities that she visited around the world. Edwige Television is a vision of the world and it’s multi-culturalism throughout fashion.

Edwige Dazogbo, Founder and Ceo

The Publisher and Producer

She is a Canadian Citizen Entrepreneur from Benin in West Africa who has studied in Communication, Cinema and Business administration at HEC and in Montreal University.

She has more than 16 years of experiences in the field of Project Management, Sales, Marketing, Fashion and Business administration.

She owns and manage since the age of 23 years old different international companies in the field of music, agencies and medias Edwige magazine and have proved she has all the skills and talent to make it happen the success for her company by being result getter and sales and marketing oriented as a great manager who inspire trust and has certainly a wonderful leadership.