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Edwige Magazine is an international magazine which intends to promote multiculturalism through different angles such as fashion, beauty and culture. Indeed, Edwige Magazine incites it’s readers to open themselves to various cultures and lifestyles from all around the world.

Proposed in three different languages at the moment, spanish, english and french, Edwige Magazine enables you to reach out to a large number of people from different cultures.

We invite corporate sponsorship to our medias and welcome advertisements in our Newsletter and social medias. In return, we offer publicity for the sponsors to a wide range of corporate leaders with interests in Fashion and Multiculturalism. For a modest outlay, organizations can gain prominent access to decision makers with an interest in Fashion, cultures and multiculturalism, the ideal way to gain exposure for your company.

For details of above sponsorship programs and enrollment forms contact the Publisher:

Marketing with Edwige Magazine : website, tv show, print magazine, tv channel

Advertising in Edwige Magazine

Edwige Magazine website provides an excellent marketing channel to reach our members and the public alike.  Advertising banner ads are displayed in the right column of every page.

Every time a page is viewed, an ad banner is displayed randomly from the pool of all ads.  The ad can be linked to a specified URL (usually the home page of the company advertising).

The artwork of banner ad is to be provided by the advertiser and it should be:

  1. For the web site a big box size is 350×200, for a leaderboard (sky) it’s 728×90.
    For the digital magazine it’s 8 x11, 330 dpi resolution,

    For the tv it’s a HD 30s spot.pixels

  2. less than 12K bytes
  3. in png, gif, animated gif, jpeg or progressive jpeg format

For medias price of advertising please contact for infos to get our media kit.

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