Foundation for communities

Fashion will play an important role to display an image of newcomers from different origins as a new beauty criteria rather than « not fitting the common beauty-stereotype ».Bring different people together and work on lowering cultural ghettoization.

Most of the communitarianism which is badly perceived by the media comes from issues based on preconceived ideas. However, communities between themselves tend to huddle up because they assume the other culture is a threat to their own identities. Nevertheless, there is a way to confront the tendency of becoming ethnic groups which have become self-contained communities. Studies show that cultural diversity in workforce brings value to organizations and ultimately improves their performance. We want as well our team organization to take advantage from diversity.

Make sure “Vivre-ensemble” is not just a French expression but a goal toward changing Immigration perception. This can be done through a positive explanation of what people give up to pursue a dream as an immigrant in another country and what the expectations of the Canadian-born population are. Emphasizing each party’s expectations and challenges brings respect, tolerance, cooperation and innovation.

The purpose is to first counter Quebec immigration paradox before addressing it to the rest of Canada.

Most of those who know how to best invest in their countries are immigrants living in western countries. Once immigrants have the job matching their qualifications, they can give back to their homeland. In 2006, Quebec employment rate was 11.4 points lesser for immigrants rather than born and raised Quebecer. This spread is twice bigger than Ontario’s according to “CIRANO” an interuniversity centre of research. Unfortunately Quebec’s immigrant population holding a diploma (25 years and more) went from 15.4% in 1981 to 51% in 2006 (60.4 % of immigrants admitted in Quebec in 2008 were speaking French


Why using Fashion and Entertainment to promote multiculturalism?
Fashion has an impact toward ideals, it creates a dream people identify themselves to. Most communities huddle up due to lack of self-representation in society. Tension rises between the message the news tells about minorities and the hope celebrities inspire. Unfortunately, these two worlds never connect. Celebrities, despite their looks, seem to hide their origins to better fit in the show-business as if it would be a problem not to. Changing the vision of immigration implies switching our stereotype to one which can be globally accepted as a world ambassador of beauty and culture.

Emphasize on the benefits of immigration for employers and employees to create harmony
Our strong desire is to make sure immigrants get an easy access in the job market. It not only helps them, but help their families and dependants and to a bigger extent their native land’s economic development. This reduces poverty and contributes to create wealth like it happened in Salvador. Africa as well deserves to draw investment from its migrants whose income may not be altered by lesser chances to be recognized as professionals. Other parts of the world deserve our attention for what we receive from them in terms of workforce. They bring new arrays of food, clothing, cultural behaviour and life.

Media Project gathering ethnical groups to display cultural knowledge about urban inhabitants and events.
Knowing that human beings tend to isolate themselves. market studies shows that people know too less about the other people’s culture. Readers of Edwige Magazine will contribute to edit a part of magazine while being supervised by professionals. The team will be constituted of people from different ethnical backgrounds who will cooperate to cover news.

Contests will be realized to create an interest about immigrants.
Contests will focus on the kind of competence and work the immigrant had before coming to Canada. Through incentive, this will show a cruel reality which makes born-Quebecer believe that immigrants are less valuable than born-Quebec educated workers. Loneliness and ignorance are best fought when the big picture is captured with awareness of the struggles they face. On one hand, the effort for the immigrants can be hard and need to be supported by sympathy from the welcoming country. On the other hand, immigrants should show gratitude and thank the people for allowing them to make their better life possible where they now live.

Donate to create responsibility
One of the benefits of Last Breath Foundation’s partnership is its ability to consider Canadian soil as a place to be an example for other nations and to not forget about our reputation of peacemaker. Efficient help works on sustaining a peaceful climate as much as creating one where it does not exist, the return we have at helping others and the values which will be transmitted to the population we target will create a powerful responsibility chain. We help immigrants so they establish themselves in Canada, feel at home and can invest in their new country. As we know immigrants’ native land eventually benefit from their success and can be proud of what has been accomplished. Their achievements shall finally be forwarded to some other place they once called home.