Back to school vibes with COVERNUMBERONE

By Catalina Corredor Gaitán


Some of us may already have left our uniforms behind. Maybe it was a long time ago or very recently. During the time you were wearing it, you were probably thinking of how you wished it looked different, maybe that it had more style or simply hoped that it looked cooler. With COVERNUMBERONE’S new FW18/19 collection its not late for that to happen, since it gives us the back to school vibes, and London and its preppy aesthetic inspired the founder of the brand to create this Fall – Winter collection.

All items, are equally stylish as they are practical. They keep the body warm during the cold weather while achieving a British-cool style. For people that get to experience this type of weather, they know how hard it is to manage a great look with so many layers on. But the FW18/19 collection, gives you the perfect solution.  Merino wool collar is an easy way to create the illusion of layering without the bulk – it will look like a turtleneck under tops and sweaters. Deep-green, mustard or bright scarlet red fedora hat is a perfect addition to winter wardrobe and can be worn practically with everything. The range of cold-weather accessories gives you lots of options to looks London-cool during cold days. Scarfs, bonnets, hats, knitted headbands and neckerchiefs- refined accessories of private school students travelled far away from college campuses.


In this new season, designers are playing around with numbers and words. Some items are decorated with London postal code, geolocation or quotes from She walks in Beauty by Lord Byron.

“She walks in beauty like the night. Of cloudless climes and starry skies”

Accessories from FW18/19 collection are a perfect choice if you want to just pick out the elements of a preppy look and add some of low-key flair. To be less perfect, but more London cool is the idea.