Beauty contest. Canada’s Kabylian Queen election.

                                                                      Canada’s Kabylian Queen election
Remaining linked to its original culture in one multiculturalism context it’s of capital value. The kabylian community in Canada as everytime didn’t spare any effort to get succeed its next rendez-vous.

The Kabylian Union in Canada in collaboration with Kabylia’s Ténor Music Edition organise a beauty contest in order to elect the Kabylian Queen in Canada. In fact, from this event emanate a symbolism that is both important and laudatory. This beauty contest will be organised on the woman’s day occasion.

It is important to know that the kabylian community who is established in Canada is known for its sense of brotherhood, mutual help and unity because of Its rich history from the mediterranean basin. Native people of Numidia, now North Africa, has since the old ages braved with a great courage the different colonizers civilisations to protect its identity, language and millenary culture.

Established in the beautiful province since many decades, the kabylian Diaspora is today in a thousands (around 37 000 person) and distinguish it self by its capacity to be integrated into such diversified society than the Quebec society. Because of its important education level (with one literacy rate exceeding the 98%) and that without be uprooted from its usages and tradition. We count a several kabylian associations with a cultural and educational character who are working hard for every rendez-vous.

This beauty contest Canada’s Kabylian Queen Election, which takes place on March 2nd at Montreal is also an occasion for people of different culture to take note of this event in order to know about the Berberian cultural patrimony.

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By Mourad Harik


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