Election night of the Kabylian Queen in Canada.

The Kabylian community in Canada has henceforth its Queen!

Louiza Ali Yahia is sacred Kabylian Queen in Canada. She was designated by the jury members to incarnate proudly this status.

Studying in Justice and society at Collège de Maisonneuve, the young woman Louiza Ali Yahia, became the Kabylian Queen in Canada. Indeed, Louiza was about enchanting the public who was present at this event. Amazed by her beauty and her charism the  jury membres did not hesitate one second to choose her as the winner of that contest.

Taking a decision to participate in such contest needs to get an effective interest and a great willing to carry on the Kabylian culture. It is not just a matter of winning a title but more noble than this. ‹‹ What incited me, it is the love that I am carrying on for my Kabylia… My father is saying me that Kabylia in more than important ››, said Mehila Amara the 1st Dauphine. Same for the 2nd Dauphine Laeticia Demmouche ‹‹What motivated me to participate to this contest, it was the possibility to inspire the young people from our community to get an interest for our culture…And mostly to master the kabylian language››, she said. It’s here the importance to teach the new generations the principles of the Kabylian proud that is shown during the event.

The friendly ambiance sparked a lot of joy among the Kabylian community. It is getting its willing and its devotion from its rich and important history. In fact, a lot of people were at the rendezvous in order to support this kind of initiative. ‹‹ Next year we will do it in one great place. It is a promise from me ››, says Mr. Mourad Bekdache, president of the Kabylian Union of Canada (KUC), because of the huge numbers of people who came specially for the event.

This party did not just consist in one beauty contest. It is also an opportunity to bring people together around one rich and interesting programming. Music, singing, poetry and folk dance were at the rendezvous. The ambiance was totally familial for reunion time between people and their culture.

Organize such an event was not an easy thing. It was a great job with a lot of efforts, without forget all the preparations that needs. ‹‹ We started working since the previous October…. We left our own matters for meetings twice a week ››, said the president of the KUC, with a great tribute to women who participated for the organization of this event.

It is important to point out that the concept of the Kabylian Queen in Canada belongs to Mr. Makhlouf Aberkane. He is the owner of Éditon Ténor Music and the main partner of the event. Also, singer, Makhlouf enchanted the public with his beautiful songs and declaration. It is useful to remind for each person the importance to safeguard the Kabylian culture in one multicultural context. That’s what this beauty contest will be organised also in other countries. ‹ We will organise it (Kabylian Queen event) in the USA, in France…We will go around the world ››, said Makhlouf Aberkane in his mother language.

Now, we have just to be patient in order to live the next events that will be organized with the same perspective and with a such well organization. These events are important, because they will decidedly guarantee the promotion of the Amazigh identity and culture.




Pictures credits: Production and Promotion Panorama.