Happiness is the matter of state

It is not the first time scholars and researcher has addressed happiness, tolerance, inspiration and wellbeing of people, since decades it’s been approaching through different platforms and from different spaces and communities. On 20 March 2013, the international Day of Happiness was observed first time in the world. In 2012 UN conference of happiness took place to adopt the international Day of Happiness. In 2013 Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro announced the new creation of government office and Rafael Rios had announced the first vice-minister of Happiness.  But even before this the philosophy was first given by Bhutan king in 1972. Bhutan King introduced the four developmental pillars of happiness in an international conference. Likewise Gross National Wellbeing, Genuine Progress Indicator, and many happiness indexes and studies remain continuing until today.

Tolerance and happiness may easy to define but hard to gauge. Though it is easy to produce or manifest things that could provide happiness. Keeping this in view Dubai Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoun has recently announced the Minister of happiness and tolerance in UAE. “Happiness in UAE is not is not just a hope. There will plans, projects programs and indicators. It will be part of work of all our ministries and part of our lifestyles.”Sheikh Mohammed said.

United Arab Emirates has a global diverse culture because of its large expatriate population. People from every corner are living together and everyone is practicing their religion without any obstacles. To make this diversity more deep and rich the cabinet has been created. The theory behind this approach is to increasesatisfaction and tolerance level among the populace. The 12th cabinet has happiness, youth, developing education, and combating climate change. The new cabinet has more female ministers and the youngest female minister is 22 years oldonly. This new positions will definitely lead progressive way as its main focus is well being of people.


Sidra Asif,

Peace Activist, Writer & Researcher