Mala leche

By Catalina Corredor Gaitán

“Mala leche” aka “Bad milk”. This may sound odd in English, but for people who speak Spanish, these words make sense and have actual meaning. “Mala leche” it’s a Hispanic expression that refers to people with a strong character.

Mala Leche arrived as a name that not only seeks to create a position among potential consumers, but also to generate a sense of commonality and identity among all the « Mala Leche » that choose the brand.

Behind this idea are three design students from University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia: Sara Daniela Chiappe, Daniela Amaya and Juanita Camacho.

The city gives the brand an advantage for its location, which happens to be the meeting point of countless subcultures inspired by music and art. Thus, Bogotá becomes the perfect place for the birth of Mala Leche, a brand inspired by the critical, irreverent and dissatisfied men who are not afraid to be who they are and differentiate themselves in a homogeneous society.

“After studying the market in Bogotá, we were able to see that currently formal clothing for men, unlike women, has very few options when choosing a suit, since all cuts can change in the notch or materials but its essence remains the same, there is not much to choose from. This is why we realize that there is a niche that is not covered and it’s the one where people who identify and develop in a social circle marked by carelessness and informality, while they are immersed in a work context, and sometimes family, they face norms and codes that force them to dress formally and find in the market very few or no brands that meet this need.” The designers said.

Their collection was inspired by the walls of Bogotá, adorned with expression, with sense and complaints that are materialized through color, textures and patterns that seek to attract attention and raise the voice for those who don’t have it. They make use of unconventional materials within their formal clothing such as leather and spikes. With this, the brand seeks to reinterpret the concept of formality in men’s clothing to accompany all the « Mala Leche » people on their way to achieving a unique image.