Doves of Peace have no borders


The world has become a global village no matter how far you are,

technology has made the globe impact. The real instance is the little five

year old fan of a big man Lionel Messi. In an Afghanistan’s small village

where the most of the area is controlled by Taliban and the populace is

living underprivileged conditions, the dreams of new generations are still

alive for a peaceful life. It is unfortunate that we all are somewhere

judgmental in our thoughts and soon labels everything including people,

places and objects with the same hatred. Neither a person by birth is

violent nor does any religion teach hatred.

This proactive expression of peace and love from a little boy got so viral on

social media that the Footballer himself sent the autograph shirt and

football to the boy. Verily sports have no boundaries, religion or languages

with a wide role in confidence building measures. These small gestures

keep the humanity up and spread a message of harmony worldwide. It is in

human nature that we idealize big names, like celebrities and leaders and

easily got influenced by their acts. Living in a technological era where we

have access to Celebs life, likewise celebrities don’t only set the trends but

also have impact on every body’s health culture and attitudes.

There are many big names who are trying to change the universe from

their good deeds. J.K Rowling, Taylor Shift is the renowned names, last not

the least we cannot forget the power couple and that is Brad pitt and

Angelina Jolie. The couple has a big heart from not only donating but also

adopting children and making a happy family from them. Working to

eliminate illiteracy, poverty and hunger, they have donated $24 million

worldwide. Named a UNCHR Good Will ambassador in 2001 and

appointed as special Envoy in 2011, Jolie pitt devotion has not gone


Protocol ends the communication

entities and ensure their secure lives. But in reality it is the official

procedure of state’s system that forbids the public or a lay man to

communicate the authorities. From the votes of public, a no body becomes

somebody first, then they have to deliver publicissues but, without

interacting with a common man. An apparent paradox that explicitly


Protocol ends the communication 2

As the big motorcades visibly give you the gesture that they don’t belongs

to you. This mindset creates the gap and trust deficit between the

government and the locals that later comes forth in different types of

forbidden activities. When people stop believing in rules and government

they start taking the laws in their hands and making the right and wrong

decisions by themselves.

It’s very difficult to be one in a million. Likewise there are certain instances

in the world that described the leader most humble in the world. Yes he is

none other than the president of Uruguay, who is not only the farmer but

also with 12,000$ salary in which 90% he donates to needy people. He

does not use any group of vehicles for him rather he live in a farm house

with his wife and a dog only. He has been criticized by many people

because of his dressing and lifestyle. His entire protocol consists of two

bodyguards and 3 dogs merely. He disagrees that he is the poorest

president because according to Jose Mujica “The poorest is the one who

needs a lot to live…..My life is consequence of my wounds.I’m son of my

history.There have been years when I would be happy to have a mattress.”

Talking about protocol and condemning it, has been seeing from different

politicians in the world but there are few who actually have the courage to

do so. Emir of Dubai and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum use no security and protocol for him.

Besides heavy traffic sometimes there are same routes for public and for

his highness. He breaks the protocol every times he gives a surprise visit

and on many other occasions.


Global village


Today, the term Global Village is frequently used to describe the

smoothness of communities linked by telecommunications. Although the

concept of Global Village was first introduced by the Late Marshall

McLuhan a media and communication theorist in 1964. According to him

the world was shrinking in terms of culture. There was a threat that the

increasing phenomenon of expanding cultures may raise conflicts among

cultures and religions. On the other side cultures are well addressed by

anthropologists and linguists.With the passage of time when technology

advances the sharing many witness that it become easier for them to

communicate. Rather people start respecting and understanding each

other’s traditions and customs. The curiosity among people of visiting

another country and tasting their food and knowing their culture’s deep

values are connecting the diversity altogether.

Global village around the world is subject to culture, heritage, music,

shopping and fun. In Dubai 1996 Global Village was first stared and today it

has 7000 visitors in its location of Dubai land. It is claimed by the

authorities’ global village to be the world’s largest tourism leisure spot.

The visit will give you stage shows, concert, cultural shows, parks, fantasy

island, dinning, shopping and much more special attractions that will

stunned you. Artists come from every corner of the world and show their

talents and performances that uplift your mood and youexperience that you

are not away from your home.The 20th season of Global Village are

expanding every year, some of the shows are (WSF) The Fraser Hopper

Show, Ballet El Trebol a beautiful portrayal from Argentina, (WSF) Leapin’

Louie Show and many others from worldwide pavilions. The diversity that is

showing cultures of 75 countries gives you valuable information about the

world. The festivals like this create an interdependency of economic and

cultural activities among states that can facilitate an efficient trade.


Happiness is the matter of state

Happiness is the matter of state

It is not the first time scholars and researcher has addressed happiness,

tolerance, inspiration and wellbeing of people, since decades it’s been

approaching through different platforms and from different spaces and

communities. On 20 March 2013, the international Day of Happiness was

observed first time in the world. In 2012 UN conference of happiness took

place to adopt the international Day of Happiness. In 2013 Venezuela’s

president, Nicolas Maduro announced the new creation of government

office and Rafael Rios had announced the first vice-minister of Happiness.

But even before this the philosophy was first given by Bhutan king in 1972.

Bhutan King introduced the four developmental pillars of happiness in an

international conference. Likewise Gross National Wellbeing, Genuine

Progress Indicator, and many happiness indexes and studies remain

continuing until today.

Tolerance and happiness may easy to define but hard to gauge. Though it

is easy to produce or manifest things that could provide happiness.

Keeping this in view Dubai Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

Al Maktoun has recently announced the Minister of happiness and

tolerance in UAE. “Happiness in UAE is not is not just a hope. There will

plans, projects programs and indicators. It will be part of work of all our

ministries and part of our lifestyles.”Sheikh Mohammed said.

United Arab Emirates has a global diverse culture because of its large

expatriate population. People from every corner are living together and

everyone is practicing their religion without any obstacles. To make this

diversity more deep and rich the cabinet has been created. The theory

behind this approach is to increasesatisfaction and tolerance level among

the populace. The 12th cabinet has happiness, youth, developing education,

and combating climate change. The new cabinet has more female

ministers and the youngest female minister is 22 years oldonly. This new

positions will definitely lead progressive way as its main focus is well being

of people.