Salma Hayek: It’s ‘exciting’ posing nude

Salma Hayek has admitted she finds it « exciting » posing nude at the age of 48 because she finds it liberating.
Salma Hayek finds it « exciting » posing nude.

The 48-year-old actress recently stripped off for Allure magazine and has admitted she found it liberating because of her age.

She said: « It’s important to be free … and at my age it’s exciting to still be able to take a photograph like that. »

Discussing the photo, where she uses her hands to protect her modesty, she told E! News: « I thought my hands were bigger. They’re big, but not big enough to cover my breasts. They did cover enough but in my head they were covering more. »

Meanwhile, the ‘Everly’ actress previously admitted she used to be « terrified » about turning 50 because she was told she wouldn’t have a career past the age of 35.

She said: « In the past, when I tried to imagine what I’d look like and what my life would be like at this age, I was terrified. I imagined myself looking old, but instead I think I still look OK, and I’m fine with my appearance.

« For too many generations, women have suffered from this terrible lie that age 50 is like falling off a cliff. Women have believed for so long we’d act and feel as if we were finished, and we surrendered to that myth. »