Success Story : Aïcha Noucti Kadji, the businesswoman who cooks millions by spicing our food.

She was born in a golden cradle but still, she refused to get lazy and use her fortune, instead, the grand daughter of the well-known businessman Kadji Defosso decided to start Keuni Foods, a business which doesn’t stop growing. This is how she did it.

Everything came from an original idea given by Africa’s cultural potential. In 2012, she starts taking spices with her during travels and shows it to the cameroon community around the world.

The feedback are amazing and consumers love it, the idea must be good. Sure about this, she starts a company in 2013 : Keuni Foods. Her recipe is simple : take spices but also vegetables from Cameroun and give an authentic taste to african plates everywhere.

Nowaday, this women is the head of a growing company which proudly gives job to 44 people installed in a 8.500 square feet in Cameroun where women occupies important positions. The numbers are interesting : Keuni Foods sold 5 millions secret spice bags (70g) for 200 CFA francs each.

Her prime product is called “secret”, it’s a mix of garlic, onion, of djanssang and white pepper from Penja. A cocktail of flavours which doesn’t let us on the side, from its conception to its sale. Anf for it, in cost him only 500.000 CFA francs from de beginning of his adventure. “Nobody believed it, not even my mother! At the beginning, we were two people in my living-room!” She says.

Secret is already available in Cameroon’s supermarket but of course they’re here in little street markets too and in the proximity markets in France and Belgium.

“The objective is to give the opportunity for europeans and afro-americans to make barbecues with our own spices instead of soja and tex-mex sauces. Today, you can come to your neighbors and they’ll have some. We need to adapt our way of cooking djanssang, pébè (african nuts). Our peppers are already availables on german and swedish market” she concludes while bringing back the fact that it’s important to share the culture and make a choice between staying  in a system in place which stays destructing of our environment and health.

Aïcha Noucti Kadji is graduated from the HEC school of Montréal in management and in communication sciences from the ISGI of Paris.