Success story : How did Thierry Nyamen managed to become the cameroun’s porridge king

To start from nothing and build an agro-commercial empire was the challenge that mister Nyamen taken in Paul Biya’s country. This history worth being taught on university benches started with this 48 years old businessman when he decided to take over the food market in Cameroun.

When Thierry Nyamen came back from Europe to Cameroun in order to find a job, he saw that even his PhD in agricultural management of production wasn’t so appreciated and by this fact he decided to launch his own business.

With a starting investment of 150.000 CFA francs, he decided to go with NTFoods because of some pretty good idea. He tells his story : “I discovered that people didn’t really liked to cook porridge with powder but used it as a coagulant. So, I did the porridge.” he says while keeping his smile. “Europeans are used to cook it with corn while I have chosen the corn. Soja helped making it even more rich.” The beginning of a long and incredible journey!

The hardest part was for the young businessman was to find enough founds in order to make his production grow up at the scale of his country. He then applies to multiple contests on national and international plans. This is how he wins the President’s special prize 10 millions  CFA francs before winning the Best Invention from the African Organization of Intellectual Property (OAPI).

Eternally dissatisfied, this CEO adopt a strategy that consist in being present on every potential market to facilitate the production and distribution. Today, NTFoods represents more than 1.500 selling places from shops to pharmacies and supermarkets.

Now, Thierry Nyamen has a new objective : become the competitor of Nestlé, the worldwide giant, which the revenue figure is up to a billions of euros. He believes it: “Do you have any idea about the Vietnam war, the story of David and Goliath in the Bible. I can tell you than people who succeed are not doing something different. It’s the way they do that it changes.”

One thing is for sure, we will hear again from this well-minded businessman.