Success Story : Wilfried de Happy, from engineering to Samuel Eto’o’s agent

He’s not even fourty and then, he already did his beginnings in one of the most complexes fields of the world. Wilfried de Happy is the CEO of Utopia Group : the agency that’s managing the integrality of the soccer player Samuel Eto’o’s career. This is his trip through life.

After his graduation from the Mechanical Engineering department of the Houston’s University, Mr de Happy chose to put aside his academic devotion to invest his time for his passion: the sport. Soccer’s lover since childhood, he takes the players agents corridor and succeeded to get a licence from the Federation International of Football (soccer) Association (FIFA) which gives him the opportunity to do it legally and to be recognized by his pairs.

He explains how it happened : “I had some background made piece by piece from my personnal experiences. Like many cameroons, soccer is a whole part of my life. I didn’t practice it but I love and follow it.”

With his licence from the FIFA, Wilfried makes his first steps working for Jess Group Monaco agency then by a partnership with companies like NVA Management. He’s talent seeker for Jess Group and use this time to gain a lot of experience in management and sports in order to find the pearls everybody would get.

He does this for a while before launching his own agency : Utopia which goal is to help african soccer players managing their career.

“We progress in life by working but I thought the time had come for me to fly by my own so I did and everything is going well.” he says.

The try becomes a succes when the famous african player Samuel Eto’o decides to join him and let him take charge of him. “Athletes like him are usually managed by big agencies but he wanted to trust us and see what we could do. I wish to thank him again for that.” tells us the young agent who still has a hard time to realize what became his company. It’s true that managing the S. Eto’o’s career was an amazing opportunity which gave him the chance to show his capacities as well as opening the big market’s doors.

Beside Eto’o’s career, Utopia is also in charge of others players careers from Cameroun like Jean II Makoun, Gaëlle Enganamouit or from elsewhere like Samuel Inkoom from Ghana or Abdel Diarra from the Republic of Ivory Coast. They are also invested in player moves from a club to another in Europe.

Now, his dream is to become the reference over Africa for sports and entertainment in 2 years from here : “Then, if god wants, we would like to join the more influential management agencies over the world. It’s what we work for, the only thing is to give ourselves the ways of our ambitions!” he adds.