These traveling lovers that makes us dream.

Winners of the 9th Pékin Express edition in 2013, Salim and Linda, didn’t stop to make us charmed with their travels and cultural discoveries experiences that they made.  

Salim and Linda one young French-Algerian couple. They have defied with great courage and bravery the game show challenges Pékin Express from the French channel M6. The game show consists globally, in one competition between 10 teams. Who are fighting each other on 10 000 kilometers, and for 45 days. Disputed in one continent, with one budget of 2 euros per day by team. At the end of the competition, the winner team can get until 100 000 euros as reward.

Since, they become laureates of the Pékin Express ninth edition, Salim and Linda or if you prefer, the traveling lovers, never stop furrowing the world in order to make us discover the cultural treasures that are harbored by humanity.

Indefatigable and intrepid, Salim and Linda visited every continent. They have met different people, from different divers’ cultures. Thanks to the different Pékin Express tests, they were well prepared. Salim and Linda face obstacle, they meet in their path in order to follow their passion for new adventures. What is interesting to point out, concerning what they undertake is their remarkable way of approaching the locals. Their main aim, is to make us discover, know and appreciate the local cultures and landscapes, but also the culinary, clothing, and even the spiritual traditions.

The interest of their travels takes value in the beautiful and sublime meetings and discovery they do. « That is what incite us to go further and discover countries. Beyond the beautiful landscape, the meeting with persons who don’t know you, it’s magic. There is no word to explain that », tell our traveling lovers. Japan, Senegal, Algeria, Cuba, Finland, Turkey, USA, Canada, Italy, China and lastly Zanzibar Island are the few most rewarding destinations.

Salim and Linda have really a very smart idea, it’s about a superb concept that they have introduced for each voyage (A Gift to the World). Actually, this challenge is that one person from each country visited by Salim and Linda gives them an original and typical object from his country. Then the couple will give it like a gift to another unknown person that they will meet in their next travel. By this extraordinary challenge that every journey leads them to another journey. With all preparations that follow for the new adventures and discoveries.

At that moment Salim and Linda are starting a new project. That project is as interesting and important as what they did before. « Now, we are about shooting and editing  » The World tour of flavours ». It is an amazing project », tell us Salim and Linda in one interview. Indeed, that project consists in culinary journeys in different countries. « The first episode concerning this web series will be released on March 15, and will begin in Tanzania! We take with us the viewer to make him discover a country through its landscapes, its people and its gastronomy! », says our traveling lovers. This new project will have about 16 episodes. Every episode decorticates the different traditional culinary secrets that exists over the world.

Now, we have just to be patient in order to discover the next destination of our two traveling lovers.