Two Georgian Brands, LALO and 0711, get together to create SS18 collection

By Catalina Corredor Gaitán





LALO and 0711 joined forces to create a collection of handbags, which are the perfect addition to any adventure of this summer.

“0711 designers and I were thinking about the colors to better represent both brands in one item. I knew that we should have taken their classic bag and magically turn it into something special, something close to nature. As you can see, we came to the right conclusion. I think not only designers’ part is important but also people who work for them. I am proud of my team as well as the way they help my ideas to come true.” Says Lalo Dolidze, founder and designer of Lalocardigans.

Each handbag is a unique handmade piece handcrafted in Georgia. All bags are created using a special technology: thin wooden or plastic plates manually tied with volumetric yarn with the addition of lurex or metalized yarn.

The LALO Spring/Summer’18 Collection drew inspiration from the masterpieces of the American artist Georgia O’Keeffee, who is also known as the “Mother of American modernism”. The designer particularly emulated the boldness of this painter’s color palette. In this collection, Lalo used different gentle and at the same time juicy fabrics with handmade embroidery and variegated jewels on them.

“My core inspiration is usually nature. From this collection as well as from others I usually expect people to better understand the nature, to get closer to it and I mean not only going to the rural area and breathe some fresh air, but also wearing the brand which expresses this idea itself.  I always try to use such pallets, prints and embroidery to help everyone remember the spirit of nature.” The designer told the magazine.




All of the brand’s collections are available in stores around the world in Italy, Canada, China, Marocco, Kuwait, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and also on a leading online retailer Farfetch.